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The Clean Skincare Analysis aggregates and leverages data from scientific studies, ingredient toxicity reports, clinically proven results, experts, and user experiences

As it gathers more data it continues to learn similarities between skin types and product usage patterns becoming an even more powerful engine for personalized product recommendations.

Running the numbers.

We love numbers. We love them so much that we built our analysis to be the best number runner in the world.

Here’s what we analyze for you every single time..


Ingredients identified and isolated


Ingredients with <3 EWG toxicity rating


EU banned ingredients removed


Scientific research papers analyzed


Products reviewed


Possible user matches

Clean skincare is not a trend, it’s an informed decision to want something better for our skin, our health and our planet


Brand Independence.

We never let brands influence our recommendations, nor do brands pay us to recommend their products.

We only recommend products from brands that focus on clean, are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and share our ingredient transparency.

Always independent.

Real Talk.

“I love the Clean Skincare Analysis for so many reasons! I’ve been using them since they first went into beta launch to help me find the best clean skincare products for my skin. It’s simple and it works, my skin loves their recommendations”

Marcia McKniff
– Sales Director

“The clean skincare quiz is life changing. It gives me unbiased recommendations from brands that have my same values. My skin has never looked better”

Maria Farley
– Marketing Manager

“My skin is great. I feel great. And for me that’s what Clean Skincare is all about, unlocking my skins full potential. Thank you CS. Thank you!”

Lucy Logan
– CoFounder & CEO


What is the Clean Skincare Analysis?

The Clean Skincare Analysis is an intelligent tool that analyzes and leverages data for personalized product recommendations

How does it work?
We’ve analyzed 9,100 ingredients and looked at thousands of scientific research papers to determine what ingredients are actually proven to work for which skin types and skincare concerns. We then take that information and match you to the most effective products for you and suggest where to buy them
What products and brands do you recommend?

We only match you to clean skincare. We do not have any bias or partnerships for the products or brands we recommend. We look at all of the data points from your Skin Analysis and then match that using our algorithm and research to identify the best ingredients for you and then map that to the best products. We never select a product by brand, only by the highest matched ingredients for you.

How are you 100% independent?

Simple – we only recommend the highest matched ingredients and products for your unique skin, and then recommend where to buy them. We are not a store and do not hold any inventory so we are not held to whether we stock a product or not. In addition brands and retailers cannot pay us to promote their product. We simply recommend the best product for you, everytime, no bias.

Tell me more about how the AI/data works?

It’s pretty amazing even if we do say so ourselves! From our 9,1000 ingredients we then take out all US and EU banned as well as our ‘never’ list of ingredients. We then look at every ingredient to every skin type and skin concern, we scour ten of thousands of research papers and then have a sentiment analysis that determines the results of these papers for that ingredient to the skin type/concern as positive, negative or neutral. When we match you we look for the most positive ingredients in any given product and also ensure that all negative ingredients are excluded.

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